Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.​

2021 Weekly Tuition By Age

Weekly Rates

2021 - 2022 Tuition:

Early Infant Care Rate (6:30am-7:30am): Add $12

Late Infant Care Rate (5:30pm-6:oopm): Add $18

Combined Early & Later Care: Add $30

Jan - July 2021 will be current rates - all published in green

​      August 1, 2021 there will be a small tuition rate increase*

Age of Child

Part Time




Full Time

 0 -17 Months


$220 *230
18 - 24 Months

M-W-F = $160 *170

T-TH = $130 *140

$210 *215
2 - 3 Years

M-W-F = $140 *155

T-TH = $115 *125

*205  2y

$195 3y

4 - 5 years

M-W-F = $130 *145

T-TH = $115 *no rate change

*190 4y


Non-Refundable Registration Fee - $60

Annual Supply Fee - $120

​ We provide a complimentary morning snack to all of our students. Parents who wish to have lunch and afternoon snack provided by the preschool can simply add $13 on to their weekly tuition amount. Parents are also welcome to bring lunch and snacks from home at no additional charge. 

Part-Time Tuition

Hours & Tuition


Our curriculum fulfills requirements to meet the guidelines for NAEYC accreditation, using brain development and age appropriate cognitive development activities in our curriculum.  Our lesson plans start with our youngest 2 month olds to our five / six year olds. Each group has plans that fit their age and needs. We focus on language skills with phonics, math skills, and science. Brain and behavior research has established correlations with children's guided play and development in several cognitive and growth areas, including language skills, math and spatial skills, social and emotional development, and scientific thinking. A kids gross and fine motor skills play a large part in their overall healthy development. We do focus on having adequate outside time for play. Fresh air and sunshine is also critical for a healthy child to flourish and thrive.  

Full-Time Tuition

Tuition is paid on a weekly rate through auto-draft from banking account ACH.

Our families can enroll in the Kids Elevated program, every Friday.

We offer an enrichment dance program Tippi Toes Dance that our families can register for. 

Sunshine Cottage Preschool and Development Center

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